The elixir fantasies were wrong then and now

Americans are increasingly troubled and struggling with what they are seeing, hearing, and experiencing. Many appear to be searching for an elixir to ease their distress and sadness. Unfortunately, elixirs are known fantasies and are often dangerous. In our historical past, many Americans commonly pursued elixirs. They often did so because they believed the hucksters who falsely claimed the right combinations of unlike extracts, tinctures, and powders would, when matched correctly, cure all sorts of personal issues. Many who believed, trusted, and purchased an elixir also purchased the pain of humiliation when they finally understood they had been foolish and were cheated. Too many died.

Unmasked by their showy language and unbridled nonsense, we recognize the newest hucksters in our midst posing as presidential candidates. Their combined self-serving sales pitches leading to our nation’s most important office are wishful thinking, hyperbole, and dishonesty. The 2020 elixir they are offering us is a government designed for power for them alone. Not us. I cannot visualize a single one of them honestly swearing to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” We must, therefore, actively self-protect our liberty by rejecting them. Their proposed elixir is the polar opposite of the Declaration’s unalienable rights which you and I already possess. We must not allow them to close the door on our national moral and ethical compass or enable them to additionally close the twin doors of our Declaration and Constitution and deprive us of our rightful future. Lastly, we must never forget Ben Franklin’s 1787 words: “You have a Republic if you can keep it.” The Declaration, Constitution, and republic are not elixirs! Believe and practice them and live free.