In response to call for ban on ‘weapons of war’

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right …”

Actually, I’ll keep this simple without quoting the full Second Amendment or going into actual statistics on gun violence.

Kenneth’s solution is to simply just take away all of the “weapons of war” to end the mass killings. So, if someone drives through a crowd of people with a bus and kills dozens, do we blame the bus or the person? Do we simply say, “Man, those high-capacity vehicles are way too big and dangerous to allow people to drive anymore. Let’s take them all away.” Sounds ridiculous, right?

Or do we blame the person, who clearly has issues, and punish the individual?

Yet, let’s punish the millions of law-abiding gun owners who have done nothing but sit back and watch their rights slowly get stripped away because the media has painted these “large capacity” guns as scapegoats instead of the real problem.

We can sit here and argue all day, but the truth is this: If you have traveled around the world like I have, you know there’s indeed evil out there. This is the world we live in. Even in our small town, evil exists. If that wasn’t the case, our jail would be empty, our court systems quiet and our doors wouldn’t have to be locked at night, etc.

If you don’t like guns, I get it, that’s your opinion. However, to just simply say “let’s ban them” is an aesthetically pleasing answer. Criminals don’t obey laws.

Let’s ban meth and the manufacture of meth. Oh, wait…


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