Let’s hope Northern Strike exercises keep on going

I am glad that the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center was chosen again for joint training exercises.

As a former active military member, I know how important it is that we train with our NATO allies.

A few reasons: One, it makes for better uses of resources. Two, less likely for friendly-fire casualties. And three, it gives a chance to train on different equipment.

Something for you to think about when you see those helicopters and jets flying overhead: Last summer during Northern Strike, a couple of A-10s passed overhead en route to land at the CRTC. My daughter was laying on the front porch hammock recovering from a motorcycle accident and I was reading. She asked, “Do you know what that sound was?” And I replied, “It sounds like a couple of warthogs looking to land in our front yard.” She replied, “No, that is the sound of freedom.” So let’s all hope they can continue to train so we can all continue to enjoy our freedom we take for granted.




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