Hard to believe Terry King did anything wrong

Although I live in Alcona County, I have a concern for the forced “resignation” of Terry King. I know Terry King extremely well. Terry and I have worked together as high school football officials for quite a few years. In that capacity I have had the opportunity to see him make decisions under pressure, work with young people, and interact with other officials on a professional and personal basis. I have witnessed his devotion to doing the right thing, making the correct call, and have seen him agonize over a mistake or a perceived mistake that he may have made. I just cannot fathom that he would do something unethical or illegal in his professional job as undersheriff when he would not do it in his avocation.

On a personal basis, I have often heard him speak of his devotion to doing the correct things in his work in the sheriff’s office, too. I would also like to speak to the anonymous report of him having a DUI. Officials often stop after a game on the way home for a sandwich and a beverage. Terry and his wife have had dinner with me and my wife on several occasions. When the other officials chose beer for their beverage, and when my wife, Terry’s wife, and I chose wine for our dinner beverage, Terry’s choice was root beer. When you do not drink alcohol, a DUI accusation has to be false.

From many years of observing Terry King in action, I find it extremely difficult to believe he did anything illegal or unethical.




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