It’s a woman’s choice, not for men to make

I am not sure if Letters to the Editor is the most appropriate forum for pro-choice/pro-life debate, but after reading recent letters I feel I must comment.

Mr. Mike Westfall (PI) states everyone other than a “Christian” is hypocritical regarding their abortion views. Mr. Westfall, you are certainly entitled to your beliefs, but keep in mind what you choose to believe is not necessarily what everyone else in the world chooses to believe.

Mr. Earl Elowsky (Hillman) states that all those who are not pro-life are abortion supporters. This is not true, people who are pro-choice are just that … they support a woman’s choice to do what she thinks is best for her and her personal situation.

As a pro-choice female, I must wonder what gives these males the right to decide what I do with my body and everything that is in it. Every woman should have the final decision in their health care.

And, yes I did notice a pro-choice letter to the editor, also written by a man (Thank You Clyde Shuman, Ossineke).




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