Dems want free health care for immigrants

Gentle reader: Recently, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, running for the presidential nomination, stated that anyone, if they were elected, finds himself within the borders of the USA, would be eligible for free health care. These same people propose that our borders be wide open for the whole world. Let’s suppose that 50 million people decide to enter the USA. They would be qualified, under these who would be president, for open heart surgery; knee replacement; hip surgery; dental care; vision care; cancer treatment of any kind; so-called transgender surgery, namely, changing sex from male to female, female to male; liver transplant; heart transplant; nose jobs; free abortion; free child birth; free prosthesis; you name it. That is what you will get if these Democrats get elected. If that is what you want, be sure to vote Democrat (sic, I refuse to use the usual adjective, since they are anything but democratic).




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