We need more of Alpena’s finest around here

This evening, I was on my way back from shopping in Alpena, heading back to Long Lake, when my Jeep started acting up again and then just died. Got out to look at the engine to see what was up (had no clue, just know it as my green money pit).

When I looked up again, here was this person, an EMT from Alpena Township, scared the crap outta me. Came from down below, around Romeo, Mich.

If you break down there, you are gonna get robbed or it’s a long walk home. This guy, even though he didn’t know me, took the time to call me a wrecker. He stayed with me till the wrecker came (Prell’s Towing also some amazing people).

Guess what I’m trying to say is that, in our world of hatred and bigotry of today, this kindness was amazing, and I wish to tell Alpena Township and Prell’s Towing you guys are what we need more of.