No wonder newspaper readership dropping

Per Justin A. Hinkley, in his March 30 commentary (“Do journalists owe Donald Trump an apology?”): “No … so plainly obvious is the answer … I could end this column right there.”

Yeah, maybe he should have.

Not only do journalists owe President Trump an apology, they also owe a good many of this country’s citizens that support President Trump an apology for the media’s misleading cheerleading during this hoax. Mr. Hinkley doesn’t escape. He owes his readers an apology for continually using biased headlines and articles in The Alpena News that are fed to him by the Associated Press.

It is no wonder newspaper readership keeps dropping and the media is held in about as much contempt as our esteemed Congress. Mr. Hinkley should reassess his views and that of his industry before he, too, finds himself unemployed.

People just aren’t buying the baloney (feel free to substitute other words) the news media is pushing anymore.


Rogers City