Harrisville a good community, good people

The good people of Harrisville (and they are very good) do not need to recall anyone, as they do a fine job here in this community. We also should have respect for the right to not have a meddlesome person like Mike Westfall bloviating all over the Alpena paper.

Do you realize anyone that drinks a beer runs the risk of going on to harder alcohol? Do you realize there is more blood money in alcohol then what you think?

Actually, in youths, it is higher when they use E-cigarettes and vaping.

What is this Reefer Madness all over again?

You name all of these researchers but they are from different countries that the majority export alcohol. There will be child deaths if people don’t lock up their cannabis but not from abuse. Get it straight. Many who supported it are not against it. Wishful thinking?

These drugs were available in Biblical times but they were far surpassed by alcohol and not mentioned as much.

I use cannabis for PTSD and nerves as many veterans do also. Maybe you would like to spend some time with me when my conventional medicine doesn’t help.

Leave us alone as we are doing fine out here in our good community.