Appears kids are not most important issue

I write this letter not out of anger but out of disbelief. I cannot believe that, after the children being deprived of more than 15 days of instruction in the Alpena County school district this winter because of snow days, the schools then took spring break! Are you serious? They also got a half day off for Good Friday.

What is the battle cry from every educator and politician? “We need more money so that we can educate our most valuable resource, our children.”

This is a noble cry, so much so that I wrote a letter to the editor earlier this year in support of the school and library millages. It is starting to become clear that children are not the most important issue, here. The most important issue is, how can an educator get more time off and still receive a decent remuneration for my services? I am very sorry, but I think we have really unearthed the reason why children are so important, that would be more time off for the same pay, benefits and the summers off.

I am a retired individual and am not complaining about paying taxes, but when I pay taxes for the support of our school system I expect a good return on my investment. What do the rest of you think? Just saying.