Tell local leaders to end water-sewer fight

I am enjoying every day of my own retirement. I find it interesting to read about others that are planning to start their retirement journey. Congratulations to Alpena City Manager Greg Sundin. I hope he has a long and happy retirement.

It was nice to read about his accomplishments while employed by the City of Alpena and his hopes for the future of Alpena. According to The Alpena News article (Wednesday), he also voiced concerns about items that may still be on the table after he retires in December and one of the items is also very concerning to me. Quoting from The News, “Although he is holding out hope the litigation with Alpena Township can be resolved and a new water and sewer rate structure agreed to, he isn’t sure that will become a reality in time.”

It is sad that the elected officials of Alpena Township and Alpena city cannot resolve this issue. Over $2 million has been spent in litigation with no end in sight. We are now in the fifth year and heading toward six years of litigation. At this time, 35 documents have been filed with Michigan Court of Appeals. What a shame and waste of money and resources.

I know that many citizen have voiced their concerns to their elected officials so hopefully they will continue to do so in the future. If you agree that this is a waste of money and resources and this has to end, than I recommend that you start attending Alpena Municipal Council meetings and Alpena Township board meetings to voice your concerns.


Alpena Township