Seniors shouldn’t have to pay school tax

We think it is time that our elected officials of Alpena and the township pass a bill that the senior citizens should not have to pay school taxes after the age of 65.

Our social security can only be stretched so far and another school tax will be voted on in May. Also, there is one we are still paying off (not good). Some people say, “Well, what are more taxes?” If you have more than one income or two people are working, then money is not such a big problem. Sure, we got a raise in social security and then our Medicare went up.

Our health insurance also went up. Most of use have paid school taxes since our early 20s when we bought our first home.

No more school taxes for senior citizens.

A lot of other cities have passed a bill so their seniors do not pay school taxes. I am sure Alpena and the township can, too.