No, marijuana is not a biblical issue

A gentleman from Presque Isle decided the Harrisville City Council should be recalled (Mike Westfall, March 23), for acting upon the will of the voters by allowing cannabis dispensaries in their city, citing “blood money,” promoting drugs, and his version of “god based morality.” Cannabis is not a drug, it is an herb, with medicinal properties. While the front page of The News tells us of a narcotic epidemic, he recalls the days of reefer madness, when Big Government decided to promote a new boogieman after alcohol prohibition ended. Moral legacy, he goes on, when this is decidedly not a moral issue. The issue is FREEDOM, as Michigan voters decided cannabis should be legal for recreational as well as medicinal use. “Biblical” morality and 60 million “murdered babies” (abortion is LEGAL, and a decision between a woman, her family, and doctor) and anti-biblical, he further cites, thus adding to his hysteria. Again, freedom is the issue, not a narrow-minded interpretation of “biblical morality.”

Harrisville followed the voters, get over it, and if dead babies are a concern, how about those Tomahawk missiles we drop on people every day!