News already judges Winfield as guilty

Is it so hard to believe that a special education teacher and mother took pity on a troubled young boy and welcomed him to her home, included him in family activities like swimming, trips, etc.? Bought him gifts like she would her own children?

Innocent till proven guilty. Right?

It seems the media has already judged her guilty. Who can we believe? When the paper says this was investigated since 2016, did they report that this boy made accusations two different times, then recanted? He admitted he made false accusations.

Hillman schools were right to hire this excellent teacher.

I sat in the courtroom during some of the hearing and cannot believe these accusations. Not for a minute.

Some of his accusations are really hard to believe. In front of her husband? In front of her children?


First, he said 1,000 times. Then maybe 100. His credibility is really in question. Maybe it was none.

She was generous and kind to a troubled teen. This is how he repays kindness? Maybe someone needs to take a lie detector test.

This is the time for fairness and rational minds, not sensationalized front-page headlines. Was it really front-page news that she will take a family vacation?

After Heather is found innocent, how can the media repair the damage to her and her family? Will there be four or five front-page articles offering an apology?

Let us all pray for both families and that truth and justice prevail.