In support of Heather Winfield, great teacher

Although I don’t know all the details of the case against Heather Winfield that is being reported in The Alpena News, I DO know Heather, personally, and I support her 100 percent as one of the finest, most caring and compassionate teachers that I have ever known.

I first worked with Heather when I was a teacher at Alpena Public Schools, and then when she was hired at All Saints, some of my grandchildren had her as a teacher. After I retired from APS, I volunteered in Heather’s classroom, where I watched her incredible teaching skills in action.

Her students adored her, and she worked “miracles” in meeting the needs of every single student in her classroom because she showed them she cared about them and would never give up on helping them to achieve success in school.

It breaks my heart to read all the horrible things that are being said about her on the front page of The Alpena News, because I can’t help but think that someone is trying to destroy her life by telling lies about her. I pray that the truth will come out and she will be exonerated, but, unfortunately, APS has already lost one of the very best teachers they ever hired.




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