How many more taxes can we survive?

How many more taxes can seniors and the working poor survive with? When I retired from the military in 1994, my taxes were around $600 for 80 acres with a trailer and garage on it. Now, with 1,300 square feet and three outbuildings, we’re are paying over $2,300, $900 of that for school operating and debt. Now, they want another 1.9 mills for repairs and rebuilding an elementary school, when we are still paying on the last one.

One of my questions is, where are our state education taxes going? Where are the students from the elementary school going to go, as we know a school can’t be torn down and rebuilt over a summer vacation? Where did the money go that they got from the country schools that were shut down and sold because there weren’t enough students to keep them open?

We just approved a millage for the new jail. Thankfully, the county hospital was sold and we don’t have that millage anymore. What will be next? The library needs more money because the money that was supposed to the eliminate control system was used for asbestos removal. Will the high school that was built in the early 1960s needs to be replaced? Or will the county or township want more money for road maintenance? As for the people who rent, you think taxes being raised won’t affect you, you think your landlord will absorb those extra taxes. Probably not. They will pass them on to you and then some in increased rent. I’m all for a good education for our children, but, due to our aging population in this area, the amount of students have been already declining, aren’t there other grants that our administration could file for? Aren’t there other options for raising money?