Winter shows what capitalism can do

Recently, The Alpena News printed kind words expressed about Omni Metalcraft Corp. entrepreneur, Mr. Ronald W. Winter, by Mr. Steph H. Feltcher and Mr. Doug Pugh. The comments were sincere, heartfelt and were statements about a truly great Alpena citizen. Alpena News writer Mary Beth Stutzman once expressed, “Who will be our next Jesse Besser?” Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Pugh gave us good reasons to consider Winter a good example.

My years ago, I was asked by Mr. Winter to meet with him. He explained that he would like to begin manufacturing something in Alpena. He was considering an aluminum window manufacturing operation. He wanted my thoughts on this. I explained that the energy crisis at the time was making that particular system obsolete. Thermally broken aluminum or vinyl windows were the product of the future. He made a decision to manufacture steel conveyer systems and other steel products.

More recently, in conversation with him, he explained what a struggle it was. Unable to pay all their creditors, he told of how he went to each creditor and told them that he could pay some, but not all at the time. He assured the larger accounts that they would get paid in the future. He said it proved to be the right thing to do. He was able to obtain credit when it was needed.

Ron Winter is a great example of what free market capitalism can do to create jobs. Someone with an idea and someone who is willing to risk money to fund this idea can accomplish wonders. Study how Jesse Besser, Herbert Dow, Henry Ford and many other entrepreneurs have greatly benefited our world and its citizens. This is the secret to a successful future for our nation.