We can’t let late abortions happen here

We have had lots happen in America lately — the shutdown, arrests and discussions about speaking English — but something else happened that should shake us to our core. The state of New York passed legislation that allows a BABY to be killed up to the day before it is BORN.

Imagine this, in America. A woman can decide that she would rather KILL her baby TODAY than have it be born ALIVE TOMORROW. She can decide at the last minute that she doesn’t want it, after all, and, therefore, rather than put it up for adoption, she will just kill it.

Who are these people in New York, the governor, the legislators, and men and women who cheered, clapped and bestowed kisses on each other when this was signed into law.

ARE THESE THE AMERICANS we have become? Where is the outrage at this? We have no-kill animal shelters all over America and even dogs and cats from other countries have been brought to them and offered for adoption.

Yet we kill babies the day before their birthdays.

Americans were outraged when asylum-seekers came with their children. What kind of parent would risk their children’s lives, they cried, just to give them a better live. But not us Americans. We will never be blamed for doing that. No, we will kill them, first.

Remember the scenes from war-torn countries of piles of babies killed by evil forces. We will now be making our own pile of babies, cute, eight-pound, healthy “almost born” babies.

We can never let this happen in Michigan.