Stop foreign aid, start rebuilding in America

I refuse to believe what is happening in Washington! Am I having a nightmare? President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was outstanding as he focused on the economy and jobs. The Feb. 7 column by Betsy MCCaughey corroborated Trump’s view on the economy.

However, when the subject came up on the country’s security and other critical matters, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi looked like a department-store mannequin and her followers looked like a TV scene from “The Walking Dead.” I can’t understand why they are against taking strong security measures to protect the overall sovereignty of this country? Sneak into any other country on this planet (including the South Sea Islands) without a passport, then watch what happens! You will be showered with restraints and eventually deported.

In the USA, if children accompany the illegals, they are showered with benefits, compliments of the exploited taxpayers.

Last Monday night, news looks like President Trump is going to have to do it the hard way. Shutting down the government just makes life more difficult for innocent people including non-government workers. I would have paid for the wall with this unconstitutional foreign aid that’s imposed on us! Why we are giving away our money to rat holes all over the world is beyond me.

The latest proposed giveaway is $38 billion in aid to Israel over the next 10 years.

We are lagging behind many countries in travel. Several countries have the high-speed rail trains, like Japan, which would exceed over 100 mph. With the condition of our railroads, it’s a struggle to maintain 60 mph. Agenda I would love to see is end all foreign aid and start rebuilding here. I saw the latest photos of Hiroshima 74 years after the atomic bomb. Detroit looks like it got the bomb!