Democrats put us in spiral of destruction

I was motivated to write a letter about a short, but very meaningful, quote from Star Parker, a syndicated columnist in The Alpena News.

She referenced “a government that robs Peter to pay Paul, can always depend on Paul.”

More than a mouthful, there. This is exactly what the modern-day Democratic party is doing. By refusing the “wall” and allowing unlimited access to ILLEGAL immigrants that soak up welfare benefits (Paul) and put a burden on law-abiding citizens (Peter), we are slowly destroying this great country. The bottom line for them is, if we give them all the free benefits that that the “legal” people have, they will vote Democratic. It’s called buying votes. This shows no regard to our budget deficits, economy, our constitution or the well-being of our nation.

The mindset is, get as many to vote our way, put us in charge, and the country be damned. We are in a spiral of destruction with this way of doing business.