Library, school proposals both noble causes

I read in today’s Alpena News, Dec. 13, 2018 edition, about the Alpena Library wanting to float a millage issue vote this spring.

Together with the millage issue of the Alpena Public Schools, both of these millage requests are for noble causes in my opinion.

What could be more worthy an issue than the education of our children and the enlightenment of our society? We are told that, for the school millage, there will be a bond issue involved. I do not know if that is true for the library or not. However, why not let the public know about the possibility of investing in this local bond issue? This would be a great way for the very same taxpayers to take advantage of recouping some of their millage payments on these two issues. Sort of buying their own debt, so to speak. Man, I love capitalism!

Here is how it works: Say the Edward Jones Brokers ( I’m biased toward the Jones brokers, because I like to make money; none of them put me up to this), or any of the other brokers in the area, for that matter, including the Community Foundation, put banners up in front of their offices advertising the sale of these bonds?

This incentive to help out our community while making a modest profit should jump-start the millage effort and ensure that those who choose to purchase bonds would get satisfaction both ways, in paying taxes for a noble cause and receiving a return on their investment. It is truly a win-win for everyone in the process. JUST SAYING.




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