Tell me, who is really the ‘racist’ here? 

“Old.” “Entitled.” “Racist.” These are labels employed by many liberal Democrats when describing white conservatives for over a decade. Permit me to examine these titles as they apply to me. Yes, I am “old.” I am aware that there are fewer days ahead of me than there are behind.

By “entitled,” do Democrats mean that I was raised in a household by both of my parents? That they argued and disagreed? That my mom and dad were full-time, blue collar factory workers and, at times, held second jobs to support my brothers and myself? That neither of my parents graduated from school? That Dad used a belt and my Mom used a “switch” on my behind when I misbehaved? That I busted my posterior to graduate from high school and from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree and a couple of master’s degrees? That I was employed since the age of 16, including while at college? If so, I guess you can say that I am “entitled.”

“Racist.” I have been told by Democrats that I am automatically a racist by virtue of the fact that I was “born white.” Apparently, this applies to only conservatives.

During the Justice Brett Kavanaugh/SCOTUS hearings, Democrats and the “news” media (sorry for being redundant) spoke out against “old, entitled, white” people when discussing conservative, Republicans such as myself.

Who did Democrats vote for to be the U.S. senator from Michigan? The old, entitled, white, woman who has been feeding from the public trough since 1997: Debbie Stabenow? Or, like many white Republicans, did they vote for the young black man who worked his way up from poverty, served in the military, and became a successful businessman: John James?

Tell me, who is the “racist?”