American public had better get concerned

I never thought I would be writing a letter to the Alpena News, but I had to say something. The split that is taking place in our country is becoming wider and wider. There’s always been some disagreements between our political parties, but never this bad. We now have the “red” and the “blue,” and are now heading back to the “blue” and the “gray.”

Ever since our country elected an unqualified individual, things have gotten rapidly worse. During the Republican primaries, each of the candidates hit the nail on the head when they brought up all of his shortcomings. They called him a thug or crime boss, immoral, a liar, a tax dodger, among other things. He also refused to release his financial statements, which he still hasn’t done.

Now, for the good things he has done. He got us out of the Paris Accord, which was intended to help protect the environment. He wanted to get his “best friend,” Vladimir Putin, back into the G-7 trade organization. he also did as much as he could to destroy NATo, which has helped to keep the Russians at bay. I’m not going to mention the taking children away from their mothers or the tax cut, which was done for the upper middle class, the millionaires and billionaires, and corporations and big businesses.

The sad part of this is his gutless political party fails to try to do anything about it. The senators and House members could just as well go back home and save the taxpayers some money.

The term “fascism” has been talked about by a number of people who have been around since World War II. If you look up fascism, you might see the pictures of Adolf Hitler, Mr. Putin, and Mr. D.T.




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