Are Stamas, Allor talking talk of NE Mich.?

Proposal 2 will put an end to gerrymandering our state’s district lines that are now drawn by politicians and lobbyists.

Recently, I heard state Sen. Jim Stamas say that Voters Not Politicians had “paid circulators” and not grassroots volunteers and that is why he would not vote for Proposal 2. The fact is, VNP had no paid circulators. Merely speaking an untruth won’t sway citizens from voting for a way to make their senator or representative more accountable. When an untruth is found out, the voters become more skeptical.

Voters Not Politicians is simply that: Voters, not politicians, having a decision in drawing a fair and equal geographical and populous area to be represented when state government decides on fixing roads, protecting water, passing bills that affect Medicaid, education opportunities, and wages for our citizens. Was Stamas saying we are all too ignorant to know what is good for us, the people, and the citizens of Northeast Michigan? After all, more than 415,000 voters signed the petition to get Proposal 2 on the ballot. Maybe he has gotten distracted by the big money donors from Midland whispering in his ear, who are in our senate district right now, and he cannot hear our Northeast Michigan voices?

Mr. Stamas seems like a very nice person, as does our other legislator, state Rep. Sue Allor. They stop in at coffee shops and townships and let us vent, but go back to Lansing, vote their party lines and pay homageto the big money donors. Check out Sue Allor’s campaign finance page from the Michigan Secretary of State. Over 90 percent of her supporters are political action committees and corporations … not the voters of Northeast Michigan.

Michigan voters support fair, impartial, and transparent redistricting! Stand up for your best interests in legislation. Don’t count on politicians’ talk – count on the truth.