News’ 8-player football series was commendable

I just finished reading the five-part series on the growth of eight-player football in northern Michigan. I would like to commend James Andersen and Jonny Zawacki for the articles. They were very well-written and very informative to football fans all around.

I would also like to commend Posen Athletic Director Wayne Karsten for getting eight-player football started in our area. If it wasn’t for eight-player football, we would have no football in Posen. Like the articles said, due to declining enrollment, adjustments had to be made. We would love to still be playing and watching 11-player football in Posen, but we have adapted well to the eight-player game.

And, for anyone who says eight-player football “isn’t real football,” I would invite you to tell that to the athletes at Posen, Onaway, Atlanta, Hillman, and all the other schools that play eight-person football. They strap on their shoulder pads and helmets just like everyone else, and go out every Friday night, and give it 100 percent, and try to win.

Again, thanks to James and Jonny for a great series of articles.