Thank, don’t criticize MSP in PI County

Being a resident of Presque Isle County, I am writing in support of the Michigan State Police presence in our county. We need to thank all of our law officers that serve our area. They help to keep it a safe place to live and enjoy our many activities.

When you see a police car on the road, even if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you’re likely to check your speed and slow down a little if you’re going too fast. Which makes our roads safer. If you happen to get stopped, they are only doing their job.

Think about how many times you have seen a car swerve all over the road, and wish a police officer was around. After reading the paper regarding the amount of MSP troopers in the area over the festival weekend, we should be thanking them, not criticizing them. Just the added presence over this busy time probably prevents more things from happening, then the inconvenience caused to a few people that were stopped. If something had happened because of the person driving over the line, the the question would have been, where were the police? From what I read, most of the stops made were for things that there are laws written.

These police officers deserve our respect, because in today’s world, a police officer puts their life out there every time they walk up to a car.


Presque Isle