Why isn’t American’s death on Time cover?

Justin Lee. You heard/read about him in the news, right? No? Please allow me to tell you about one day in his young life. We begin at the end.

On a warm, bucolic day in southeast Michigan, Justin Lee, 14, had returned home from Walled Lake Western High School. Earlier in the year, Lee played football for the “Warriors,” the school’s team.

On this particular afternoon, June 11, 2018, Justin was more concerned about returning a friend’s bicycle which had been left at his home. Lee’s loving mother fixed a snack for him to eat before he rode the bike back to his friend’s home. Pattie Warner-Lee, Justin’s mother, recalled him kissing her on the head before leaving the house.

That sunny afternoon was the last time that his mother would receive a kiss from Justin. His young life and dreams were crushed by a hit-and-run driver. The Wixom Police Chief reported that young Justin was struck down by a man driving in excess of posted speed limits. Security cameras captured video of the suspected vehicle which had run down Justin Lee. The driver was quickly identified. Police learned that the driver may have attempted to flee to Mexico, but was apprehended before he could leave the country.

Why Mexico? Could it be because the alleged driver who struck and killed Justin Lee, and who fled from the scene of the incident, was Miguel A. Ibarra Cerda, an illegal alien from Mexico?

Does Justin’s death leave you as distraught as the non-stop reports of the children being “torn away” from their parents who have crossed the southern border of America illegally?

Will Justin Lee’s picture will appear on the cover of TIME magazine?