Conklin is the standout for PI probate judge

In this day and age, it is important that people pay attention to who they are electing to represent them. I did research and found that, of the three running for probate judge in Presque Isle County, only one really stands out. That is Rogers City native and resident Katy Conklin. Katy is the executive director of Hope Shores Alliance, the geographically largest nonprofit agency serving survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Katy has represented veterans so that they get the benefits they deserve.

Katy is passionate about making sure our courts remain committed to protecting people under their jurisdiction. The most valuable work of the Probate Court is the service it provides to our community’s families and people with disabilities. Katy Conklin is known statewide and nationally as a legal educator, speaker and legal trainer for lawyers, judges, legal advocates, mental health professionals, physicians and other professionals.

A licensed attorney since 1996, she has the experience and a flawless and intact standing with the State Bar of Michigan. I encourage you to do some research into the ones running against her. Only if one is well-informed can one make sound decisions.


Presque Isle