Walls might not be perfect, but they work well

In his letter published on 6/23, a Mr. J. P. Swallow provided a historical lesson concerning the ineffectiveness of border walls and fences. Mr. Swallow cited how “Hitler’s Nazis massed their forces (against the Maginot Line), breeched the wall (and) conquered France.” Apparently. Mr. Swallow must have missed something in his history lesson, as the Germans decided against a costly and risky direct assault and simply circumvented the Maginot Line by attacking through neutral Luxembourg.

First of all, the Maginot line was not a wall, rather it consisted of a series of interlinked fortifications. Border walls and fences have been effective as demonstrated by the Berlin Wall, the fences separating Israel from the West Bank and Gaza, and the recently constructed fences along Hungary’s southern border. Even our own penitentiaries contain inmates with walls and fences.

Although no wall or fence is 100 percent effective, they would go a long way toward countering the massive in-flow of illegals we are currently seeing at our southern border with Mexico.

Walt Wynbelt

Black River