Support economic development in region

Part of the history of my business has been to endeavor to share in community functions, financially and physically, and to encourage others to do the same. I’m pleased to be on the Board of Directors for our local economic development Board. My business, Lappan Agency, Inc., is also a financial supporter of Target Alpena and the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce. We choose to invest in our community and local economy for many reasons, here are just a couple. First, we recognize a community such as Alpena and the surrounding communities must remain proactive in economic development. By not being proactive, we can expect to see pressure exerted on most aspects of our community. This pressure can be from commerce, education, workforce development as well as property values. Second, we invest because we understand it is up to us, the people who choose to live and operate and do business here, to make sure our community continues to move in a forward direction. To coin an old adage, if we aren’t moving forward, then we are moving backwards. Economic development doesn’t just happen. Economic development takes the constant proactive efforts of many to make sure we are being viewed by the right people who can make significant investments in our community. There are many businesses in our area as well as governmental entities that are currently investing their time and energy and money into making our area an economic success story. We do, however, need more people and governmental entities that are willing to invest regularly. If we are to continue to implement proactive and effective economic efforts in our community we need your help. I encourage all organizations and governmental entities to consider multi-year commitments in our economic development efforts. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Tom Lappan

Board Chairperson

Target Alpena

Development Organization