President disgraceful, doesn’t represent us

One of the responsibilities and honors the President of the United State has is to represent the entire county at ceremonial events such as the dedication of a U.S. Navy ship, speaking to graduates of one of the military academies or addressing the National Jamboree of the Boy Scouts. I believe eight presidents have addressed the Boy Scouts and have represented the best of our nation from Dwight Eisenhower speaking about the bonds of common ideals, Roosevelt speaking of citizenship, and George H.W. Bush on the importance of serving others. This policy of presenting our national ideals was broken last week. I grew up in what might be called an age of scouting. Along with many of my friends, I belonged to every level of scouting from Cub Scouts to Explorer Scouts and a WMU, I belonged to the scouting service fraternity and served as a D-Bar-A Scout Ranch chaplain. What President Trump represented at the Boy Scout Jamboree, belittling two prior presidents, bragging about his election and threatening to fire one of his Cabinet members, is disgraceful and represents the opposite of what I have tried to teach my children and grandchildren. This president is an embarrassment to the office he holds, the Scouts and the country. His continued lying, inability to control his language, belittling those he disagrees with and using the presidency to build his own fragile ego is inexcusable.

Bob Case



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