Picking for People a blessing for senior center

Friends and neighbors of Alpena County, “Picking for People” may not mean anything to everyone, but most of us in Northeast Michigan immediately think of a great group of men with guitars, fiddles, accordions and songs that most of us hadn’t heard since our childhood. These fellows have provided years of entertainment at churches, benefits and gatherings. All of their time was donated and it was always to help raise money for good causes. The Alpena Senior Citizen Center has been blessed by Rev. Jack Williams and friends the first Friday of every month for over 10 years, and have helped our Meals on Wheels program survive through the good and bad years for our ever changing economy. Besides the financial support, we were entertained by songs of our past. “I’m My Own Grandpa,” “Big Four Poster Bed” and many more too numerous to mention. Rev. Jack and his buddies provided entertainment, support and most of all wonderful memories and it is greatly appreciated.

Pat Rondeau



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