Stop pushing coal, renewable energy works

In reference to your editorial of Dec. 20, why do you and other conservatives advocate ignoring the 90-plus percent of scientific consensus that says our biosphere (where we live) is in danger from the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? That carbon dioxide comes largely from the burning of coal. There is not, nor I doubt will ever be, a cheap effective way to sequester carbon dioxide emission from the burning of fossil fuels, i.e. coal.

Look what is happening right now in China where the use of coal is basically unregulated. The Chinese have had to shut down coal-fired plants while restricting auto traffic, declaring that people have to stay inside, and closing schools. Is that what you want for America?

Las Vegas, the city of lights, is now producing all its electricity from renewables. That can happen everywhere.

If Donald Trump unleashes Perry and Pruitt on our environment, we are in for big trouble. We should all be frightened about this prospect, not advocating for it as you did in your editorial.

Jim Shaffer

Hubbard Lake