Have to help our hospitals

The coronavirus is once again deadly in Northeast Michigan.

After nearly three wonderful months without a virus-related death, five people have died since late October, three of them in the last nine days.

Also concerning, from a community perspective, is the fact that our hospitals are starting to fill with COVID-19 patients.

As of Thursday, 124 patients were being treated at eight Up North hospitals, 69 of them in intensive care, News staff writer Crystal Nelson reported on Saturday.

Capacity ranged from 20% full in St. Ignace to 97% full in Grayling and 100% full in Tawas.

The Alpena hospital was 42% full.

Hospitals also reported less than a month’s worth of personal protective equipment, such as masks and gowns, on-hand.

When hospitals get too full, it makes it difficult to treat more routine ailments, from broken bones to heart attacks.

And it stresses not only the hospital system but the frontline workers we rely on to keep us healthy.

That’s why it’s so important for us to do our part to limit the virus’ spread. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Stay socially distant. Avoid large gatherings.

We have to change our behavior now so the virus doesn’t get a chance to change our behavior forever.



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