Glad Youth and Rec gave to Plaza Pool

We are pleased the Plaza Pool received significant funding from the latest round of Alpena County Youth and Recreation Committee awards.

The pool does not have an extensive means of raising funds and, without county and Youth and Recreation millage money, its future would be bleak.

In awards announced last week, the pool will receive $86,313 for operations and an additional $8,500 for the Ready, Set, Swim program. In addition, the Friends of the Plaza Pool received $5,075 for programming and support.

The Youth and Recreation Committee members had a tough task making the decisions, as there were $883,739 in requests this year, but only $550,743 was able to be awarded. Thirty-eight projects received grants.

“Recreation is much more than just sports,” said Committee Chairman Tony Suszek. “It can be a person walking on the bi-path observing nature and not just someone playing volleyball. The millage doesn’t just support the pool, but affects many things in the county, and that is what makes it so special.”

We agree.

Certainly, we appreciate the work Suszek and his committee does with the funding that graciously has received the support from county residents over the years.

And, we also appreciate the awards made to Plaza Pool over the years from the millage. We believe all of us understand that, without it, the pool probably would have been closed by now.

And that is why we were glad to see once again the committee agreed that the pool was worthy for funding.

In an area where water is everywhere, water safety is so important and the pool is a great place to learn those skills.



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