Hall found not guilty on all charges

News Photo by Temi Fadayomi The Alpena County Circuit Court Building in this May 2023 News File photo.

ALPENA — A 12-member jury on Thursday found Robert Hall not guilty on all charges in Alpena’s 26th Circuit Court.

“We are obviously pleased with the verdict,” Julie Miller, one of Hall’s defense attorneys, said. “The jury got it right.”

Hall faced six separate charges, including one count of home invasion, first degree, one count of motor vehicle-unlawful driving away, one count of stalking-aggravated, one count of interfering with electronic communications, one count of domestic violence, and one count of weapons felony firearm.

“From the first day I met Mr. Hall, he pleaded his innocence,” Dennis Grenkowicz, another of Hall’s defense attorneys, said. “We are pleased with the verdict.”

The charges were the consequence of an incident on Aug. 3 in which Hall was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and stealing her car.

The trial ultimately came down to the testimonies of Hall and his accuser.

A main point of contention between the two parties surrounded the ownership of a Dodge Charger. Hall initiated the purchase, but both parties contributed to the car and the title was under the accuser’s name due to Hall’s lack of a valid license at the time.

After Hall’s arrest in an unrelated incident, the accuser took possession of the Charger.

The accuser testified she was fearful after receiving a threatening letter from Hall when she didn’t return the car.

In response, the accuser filed for a personal protection order and purchased a gun. While sitting at home, the accuser alleged, she had her gun and phone by her on the couch. She also alleged that Hall came to her house unannounced and grabbed both her gun and phone.

The accuser alleged that a scuffle occurred in which Hall demanded to see the keys to the Dodge Charger.

The accuser claimed she told Hall where the keys were after he momentarily choked her and threatened her.

Hall’s testimony on Wednesday painted a very different picture of the events.

Hall alleges that, on the day of his release, he reached out to his brother to pick him up if he was able to. After being unable to reach his brother, he started making his way to town on foot from the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office.

After walking for a bit, Hall claims that his accuser approached him in a car (a different car than the Dodge charger), claiming that she rescinded a personal protection order against Hall. When Hall asked for evidence of that, the accuser claimed the papers were at her home.

Hall then claimed that he joined the accuser in the car and rode back to the accuser’s house. When they got inside the house, Hall said, he once again asked the accuser where the paperwork for the personal protection order was and the accuser dodged the question.

Hall then said he and the accuser engaged in consensual sex before Hall took a shower and changed into new clothes. Hall said that he asked the accuser again about the paperwork for the personal protection order and inquired about other important documents and the location of the Dodge Charger.

According to Hall, the accuser continued to dodge the question on the personal protection order paperwork after failing to locate it and said that the car, tools, and documents were at her parents’ house.

After that, Hall claimed, he left to grab a drink and a candy bar. As he was returning, Hall went to go greet sheep on the accuser’s property, and, while he was doing that, he found his car hidden in the barn along with his tools. Hall said he then confronted the accuser about that and asked where the keys were.

According to Hall, the accuser continued to claim that the keys were with her parents, but after emptying her purse, revealed that the keys were in her bag. Hall took the keys, got in the car and left.

After some internal deliberation, and grabbing a phone charger Hall decided to go to Georgia to visit a family member. He was apprehended by the authorities in Tennessee.


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