Hillman approves repaving projects for street, path

HILLMAN — The Hillman Village Council approved having asphalt replaced on a bike path and a street during its meeting on Tuesday.

The council approved for $15,625 to have a bike path trail and bridge that approaches between Riverside Drive and the Progress Street parking lot repaved. The trail is eight feet wide and approximately 1,030 square yards will be paved.

It also approved repaving approximately 2,210 square yards of Progress Street west of CR 451 for $11.042.80. Both purchases are from Bolen Asphalt Paving Inc. of East Tawas.

Village President Myron McIntire said the council tries every year to do some paving so it doesn’t get behind on projects.

“Our streets are in pretty good shape right now and we want to keep it that way,” he said. “A couple of years ago, we had some major projects.”

The council also discussed a possible lease renewal with AT&T. McIntire said AT&T wants to change the lease the council currently has to an upgrade that AT&T recommends. He said the leases go for a three- to five-year period.

“We’re going to tell them that we’re satisfied with the way it is,” McIntire said.

McIntire said a new dock is being made for the boat launch at Emerick Park.

“It should be out there later this summer,” he said.

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