Hinks Elementary trip fundraiser called a success

ALPENA — Hinks Elementary School fifth-graders held their spaghetti fundraiser on Wednesday for their trip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village and the class raised $1,413 toward their trip, including a donation from a local business.

Teacher Laura Wolosiewkicz said around 200 people showed up to the fundraiser.

“It was great and the kids really took ownership of the event,” Wolosiewkicz said. “They came together and worked as a team. They were serving, busing tables, being hospitable, helping with the bake sale, and collecting money, so they really did all the jobs and they did them really well.”

The students received tips from people. Wolosiewkicz said the students received around $200 in tips. She said one person left a $100 tip and the students were really excited about that.

“I was humbled by the amount of community support that we had because it wasn’t just Hinks families, it was people from all over the community,” Wolosiewkicz said.

“It was amazing,” fifth-grader Ava Rospierski said. “My favorite part was washing all the dishes and soaking my shirt.”

Fifth-grader Donald Monti said his favorite part during the fundraiser was cleaning tables and cleaning up after everyone who came.

Wolosiewkicz said the bake sale during the fundraiser went well. She said every student participated in making something and were really proud when their items sold.

“We made almost $100 on the bake sale,” Wolosiewkicz said.

The whole class is excited to go on the trip in May.

“I am pumped and I cannot wait,” Wolosiewkicz said. “I have waiting for this for a long time too. I actually have never been to the Henry Ford Museum, I’ve been to Greenfield Village.”

Wolosiewkicz said the museum covers a lot of the -student’s curriculum so she’s excited to get the students in the atmosphere.

“We couldn’t have done the event without the help of the nine local businesses that contributed all the food and all the parent support and volunteers,” Wolosiewkicz said. “It was really just a community event and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Brian Bartosh, president and CEO of Top O’ Michigan Insurance, donated $500 to help the class go on their trip. His said one of the most memorable events in his life was going to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

“Our teacher, Mrs. Apsey, worked with the fifth grade students to raise funds for us to go for this weekend trip,” Bartosh said. “That trip was special because it reinforced my interest in American history.”

Along with the memories Bartosh has, he and his wife Julie wanted to help the class reached their goal.

“It sounds like they did really well, which is good,” Bartosh said. “There was a lot of people there too. The kids were all working and helping take care of things.”

The $500 was donated from Top O’ Michigan’s WeCare@TOMIA247.com fund.

“It’s our charitable giving and helping people out so this was our first contribution from that,” Bartosh said. “The big driver to helping the students was the memories I have from when I went a long time ago.”

Bartosh said Wolokiewicz hugged him after he presented the $500 check to the students and the students were excited about it.

“They were working hard and they’re really excited about the trip,” Bartosh said.

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