Lisa West appointed American Cancer Society stakeholder

Lisa West

Lisa K. West of Alpena was recently appointed to the American Cancer Society (ACS) stakeholder team where she will serve as one of four ad hoc stakeholders for 2019. In her first year she will serve as an alternate and undergo training, followed by a two-year appointment to the position starting in January 2020.

American Cancer Society stakeholders are volunteers without formal science or oncology training but have a strong interest in cancer research who will serve on peer review committees. Stakeholders bring with them a personal experience with the disease as a survivor or as a family member or caregiver of a person with cancer.

The two main goals of stakeholder participation are to: represent cancer patients and their communities in the peer review process by evaluating the relevance of each cancer research and training grant application, and provide an opportunity for members of the community to understand how the peer review process contributes to the development of new ideas and breakthroughs in cancer control.

Since it began in 1946, the ACS’s Research and Training Program has invested more than $4 billion in the fight against cancer and has played a role in most major cancer research breakthroughs in recent history.

Cancer researchers and trainees at biomedical institutions through the US submit approximately 1,600 grant applications each year to the American Cancer Society. They compete for funding, and applications are evaluated for scientific merit and relevance to cancer by the peer review committees. Each committee is composed of experts in a specific field or approach to understanding cancer, physicians, health professionals, and other researchers, along with one or two stakeholders such as West. These committees identify the most outstanding applications for funding.

“I am honored and humbled to be selected to serve in this capacity,” West said. “This opportunity recognizes the importance of ACS remaining rooted in communities. It is a responsibility I take seriously. I am proud to represent Northeast Michigan and all of those affected by cancer by taking on this role. Research affects us all and without it, many people I know would not be here today.”

West has called Alpena home for 17 years. She owns a residential and commercial design firm that includes complete building and renovation design as well as cabinetry and interior finishes. She is originally from Carson City, Mich., graduated from Carson City-Crystal High School, and has a degree in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University. She has been involved with the local ACS Relay for Life for 12 years as a team member, team captain, committee member and event lead.

West and her husband Kevin have two teenagers, Aaron and Maggie.

“Family is the driving force behind everything I put my time into,” she said. “My personal family, the families I work with, and the families affected by cancer.”

To become involved locally contact Annie Hepburn, Relay For Life of NEMI Event Lead, at 989-884-4389.