Bates 25th

Terry and Tammy Bates celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Nov. 2, 2013 at the Lachine Community of Christ Church. The event was hosted by their children, Terry (Jessie) Bates Jr. of Lachine, Tiffany Bates of Washington, D.C., Ken and Joan Sumerix, Kendall (Melony) Sumerix, Kim Sumerix, and their families. The couple has one grandchild, Avery Bates.

Terry Bates and the former Tammy Sumerix were married on Oct. 29, 1988 at the Lachine Community of Christ Church by her father, Kenneth Sumerix. A special prayer of blessing was offered by Ken Sumerix, and a special song was played and sung by the couple’s brother and sister-in-law, Wayne and Gayle Bates.

Members of the original wedding party in attendance were: Joyce Bufka, Janice Hansen, Neva Sumerix, Sue Zolnierek, Melony Sumerix, Stephanie Villarreal, Wayne Bates Sr., Mark Riopelle, Kim Sumerix, Kendall Sumerix, Terry Bates Jr., Nathan Sumerix and Harry Sumerix.


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