Life’s journey provides wisdom

Senior Attitudes

Life is not a destination but a journey. Sometimes the road needs plowing and salt.

My social calendar is full — just a bit different. I remember going down the road for a swim, a dance, a movie. Now the calendar is still full — dentist, eye doctor, chiropractor, and primary care doctor. New destinations, but still a journey. A lot of my friends in the Association of Lifelong Learners are on the same road.

Now the road has pot holes and ice, but the view is like no other. How many more times will I look at Lake Huron and go, “Ahhh.” Look at snow-frosted trees and go, “Ohh!” Order out from my favorite restaurant and go “Yum!” Feel my do in my lap and go “Mmmm” while closing my eyes.

Now that I’m a senior, the destination is not as important as the route. Before COVID, I traveled a bit and all these journeys taught me how wonderful people all over the world are. I could fill this newspaper with personal acts of kindness given to me.

I and all of us need to help wherever we can on our life’s journey. Dump hate down the pot holes. Anger makes wrinkles and heartburn. I get enough of those without anger.

Join me in a new militia — one of love, peace, and caring. Together we can overcome anger and hate. We can make the tulips and daffodils return, but only by standing together in love.


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