I’ll try to stop itching and complaining…

Senior Attitudes

OK, here I come itching and complaining again.

1. Why does the bug bite my toe in the middle of the night, making me scratch during the rest of the night?

2. Why does my green thumb grow 3-foot-high weeds and 1-inch-high beets?

3. Why do I forget I’m wearing a T-shirt and shorts when I enter the blackberry patch? I come out needing a towel to stem the scratches on my arms and legs.

4. Why when ALL is doing virtual programming do I still miss live?

5. Once again, I question why the leprechauns and fairies help the tailors and boot makers finishing their projects when all I want is a little dusting and vacuuming?

6. Why isn’t chocolate on the top of the food pyramid?

7. Why does the delicious cake I’ve made for 20 years flop when I make it for company?

8. Why do people want coffee when tea is available (states a tea addict)?

9. Why have my children grown up to be responsible people when I raised them? I believed then, as now, that people are good and trustworthy, and life is an adventure that should be fun. Why do these same children think I might change and be sensible?

10. Why does the person who goes from 20 mph to 50 mph and back again end up in front of me on the highway?

11. Why do people who complain the most vote the least? I will be in the voting booth to express my complaints — you should be too!

I write all this on my couch across from the window showing trees blowing in the wind, and I know all is right with Mother Nature. I do fear she will finally get disgusted with people and pop us off our world.

Until then I will try to stop itching and complaining and enjoy all the wonders of nature and the beauty of people.

I wish you all could join me in a cup of tea and pleasant compliments to all around.


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