Zonta, Walmart grants to Hope Shores Alliance

ALPENA — Zonta International and Walmart have recently awarded grants to Hope Shore Alliance.

A $5,000 Walmart Community Grant was awarded on Aug. 6, and a $4,110 Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Grant was awarded on Aug. 8.

Hope Shores Alliance is excited to partner with Walmart and Zonta International and The ZontaClub of Alpena/Tri County Area as they support the services offered at the Hope Shores Alliance Alpena Safe House.

Hope Shores Alliance is the largest multi-service agency in Michigan serving primary and secondary survivors of sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking and domestic and dating violence. The agency serves five northeast Michigan counties: Alcona, Alpena, Iosco, Montmorency and Presque Isle. The administrative services office and safe house are located in Alpena, with outreach and services offices in Oscoda and Atlanta, and a counseling office in Rogers City.

Specific project funds such as those coming from the Zonta grant are used to help increase access for more survivors to residential and crisis-based services offered at the safe house, to create more spaces to empower and educate survivors and their children. The refurbishing and updates planned for four survivor bedrooms and the community dining area in the safe house will impact approximately 70 survivors and 90 children annually, increasing capacity for people served by 20% in the coming program year.

The Walmart Community Grant will help operate and maintain facilities, cover the costs of staff who are not funded through other grants, and keep the crisis line available 24 hours a day, free to the caller.

“Our staff … the foundation of our agency, has consistently exhibited the ability to identify the survivors that have the most unmet needs, speak out on their behalf and request means to address those needs,” Hope Shores Alliance Executive Director Valerie Williams said in a press release.

Objectives for the current program year at Hope Shores Alliance include:

¯ Maintain three full-time residential advocates at the safe house.

¯ Engage in targeted and strategic fundraising and fund development.

¯ Offer traditional and nontraditional 24/7 safe, emergency shelter options for survivors of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault.

¯ Ensure availability of healthy meal choices for the families at the safe house and alternative safe shelter locations.

¯ Continue to reach under-served and unserved populations.

¯ Maintain opportunity for survivor participation on Hope Shores Alliance board of directors.

¯ Continue to respond to the emergency medical needs of sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence survivors.

¯ Ensure availability of professional counseling services.

¯ Ensure adult and children’s individual therapy and group services are available and accessible.

¯ Continue strengthening sexual assault prevention, awareness and intervention services.

¯ Continue to pursue opportunities for increasing availability of transitional supportive housing units and services.

¯ Increase opportunities for training and seminars for survivors as well as agency staff.

¯ Expand and enhance life skills and educational support services through continued support of the life skills center in the Alpena and Oscoda offices.

¯ Continue to enhance and expand community outreach and educational services.

¯ Continue to forge and maintain collaborative relationships with community partners.

¯ Establish additional sources of funding to stock pantries, purchase perishable food and food supplies.

¯ Continue restocking children’s program equipment and supplies.

Hope Shores Alliance appreciates the generosity of Zonta International and the Walmart Foundation for partnering with them as they work to increase access to services for survivors in local communities.


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