The men who made us

Managing Editor Justin A. Hinkley is seen cradled by his father, Keith Hinkley, in this drawing by Keith made from a photograph taken on the day of Justin’s birth in 1985 in Battle Creek.
News Lifestyles Editor Darby (Cornelius) Hinkley, in 1982, waits for something impressive to happen at her first birthday party while her dad, Mike Cornelius, holds her in his arms.
Reporter Julie Goldberg and her dad, Bruce, dance at a family wedding in Prescott in July 2005.
News Sports Editor James Andersen is pictured with his father, John, in October 2017 during a wedding reception with friends and family to celebrate James’ marriage to his wife, Trisha.
News sports writer Jonny Zawacki celebrates with his father, John Zawacki, after winning the 2015 Alpena Men’s Softball League City Championship.
Reporter and daddy’s girl Julie Riddle, 8-ish, enjoys a moment with her father, Ralph Nitz, around 1980 in Springfield, Ill.
Reporter Crystal Nelson and her dad, Bill Nelson, stop go-carting long enough to take a picture.
Reporter Steve Schulwitz and his father, Gary, pose for a picture before leaving for Las Vegas for vacation. They loved to travel, crack jokes, goof around and play pranks on friends and family. They both also have serious sides that focus on loyalty to loved ones and country. Gary passed away Dec. 27, 2016.

News staffers honor their dads!