Respect my right to protect my child my way

In response to the front page story, “A call to action,” from Aug. 27:

As of Aug. 2, per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been 489 pediatric deaths (ages 0-17) related to COVID-19. Compare that to 301,650 deaths of those aged 75-85+.

According to Michigan.gov, in the state there have been eight pediatric deaths (ages 0-14 years) related to COVID-19.

In 2021 thus far, there have been 1,700 deaths in those aged 75-84. Underlying health conditions played a part in some of those deaths.

I appreciate that pediatrician Leah Conboy is making our community aware that she is seeing sick children in her practice. That information is needed. But it is not enough. What symptoms are they exhibiting? How many were hospitalized and to what extent? Did they require ICU care? Did any have other health conditions?

We have been told by the CDC that children rarely become seriously ill and most recover quickly from COVID-19.

I have a child in Alpena Public Schools. As her guardian, I must give permission for her picture/name to be used in school programs, directories and on social media. But I must allow others to decide whether she must wear a confining piece of cloth over her nose and mouth for seven hours per day which is at best less than 10% effective in preventing the passage of this disease? I am NOT trying to negate the role of masks. I am advocating for those who believe that the past school year’s mask mandates were detrimental to their child(ren).

I respect your right as a parent to decide what’s best for your child. I ask that you respect mine.

Let’s focus on the folks that really need “a call to action”: our elderly.




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