Thank you for this freedom, dear veterans

Were in not for brave men and women who adorned this nation’s uniform and rushed headlong into battle, we might not be able to write this editorial.

Were it not for soldiers who brandished this nation’s armor and stepped resolutely into the trenches, you might not be able to discuss the issues of the day freely on the commentary pages of this paper.

Were it not for our nation’s veterans, you might not be able to read today’s front-page story on juvenile justice.

Our neighbors who have signed up or stepped up to fight alongside their countrymen have guaranteed not only the First Amendment rights that allow us to print and you to read this newspaper, but every right we enjoy every single day.

They’ve fought for our churches and for our speeches, for the music you heard at the Imagination Movers show on Sunday. For the right to due process and the right to be safe from unwarranted search or seizure.

Every day we walk freely, talk freely, argue freely, last Tuesday when you cast your ballot unmolested, each and every one of those moves are allowed thanks to each and every one of you who answered when your nation called.

Thank you, veterans, for all you’ve given us.

Happy Veterans Day.



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