Haydn Goebel to continue basketball career at ACC

News Photo by Jonny Zawacki Haydn Goebel sign his letter of intent on Tuesday to continue his academic and athletic career at Alpena Community College. Goebel will be a member of the 2019-2020 Lumberjacks mens basketball team. Pictured left to right are ACC coach Mark Jacobs, Haydn Goebel, Lisa Goebel and Kory Goebel.

During his time at Alpena High School, Haydn Goebel showed signs of tremendous upside as one of the Wildcats’ big men.

It was Goebel’s huge upside that led him to being recruited by Alpena Community College men’s basketball coach Mark Jacobs and on Tuesday, Goebel made sure he would continue his basketball career and continue displaying the upside he possesses as he signed his letter of intent to become an ACC Lumberjack.

“It’s a very exciting day for me and I’m glad to say that I’m going to be a part of the Alpena Community College men’s basketball team now,” Goebel said. “I’ve known coach Jacobs for a while and have been in contact with him since my sophomore year of high school and he told me that he was recruiting me and has had his eye on me ever since. Coach Jacobs told me what he wanted me to work on throughout my high school career in order to be prepared for the collegiate level and I’m just blessed to be able to continue playing basketball here in Alpena.”

This past season for the Wildcats, Goebel provided much-needed depth and size for an Alpena team that lacked height.

The Lumberjacks have been in the same boat and have lacked big men. Jacobs believes that Goebel will play an important role and thrive on a team that will possess more height next season, thanks to Jacobs’ efforts to recruit some height.

“Haydn has huge upside. Most importantly he comes from a fantastic family. Haydn is a big, strong kid and does things the right way. We’ve talked about roles and he understands his role for next year,” Jacobs said. “Our big problem last year is we weren’t big and physical enough. We’re changing things this year and Haydn is going to be an important part of this change whether it’s in practice or in games, he’s going to bring a lot to the table.”

Jacobs’ main focus was recruiting players with size and Goebel’s 6-foot-4, 205-pound athletic frame will make him among the middle of the pack in terms of big men next year. It is the athleticism Goebel has that will separate him from some of the other big men on the Lumberjacks roster.

“Haydn is a strong kid. He loves to lift and he is a really strong young man and that will be a help to us. Haydn is going to beat up and challenge people at practice and earn playing time,” Jacobs said. “Haydn is a fantastic young man and I know what I will be getting out of him. He’s going to work hard, be a great teammate and push others on this team to be better and that’s exactly what I’m looking for out of him and he understands that. I am absolutely thrilled to have him on this team.”

Goebel will likely begin playing a similar role with the Lumberjacks as he did during his time as a Wildcat. Goebel will provide much needed depth on an ACC team that has lacked depth in the front court in recent years, but Jacobs is hoping that this years recruiting class and the signing of Goebel will benefit his rotation.

“I feel comfortable playing for coach Jacobs and I understand that I’m probably going to be smaller than most centers here at the collegiate level, but I’ve learned from my playing style if you get in there and bump with the bigger guys you can create problems and I think my scrappy style of play will continue to benefit me on the court,” Goebel said. “Playing with and against taller players is only going to benefit me because it’s going to improve my ability to rebound and box out. Most people out of high school don’t get the opportunity to play a college sport, so to play for Alpena still is very special. I want to thank my four brothers, both of my parents and all of the coaches that coached me and pushed me to be my best.”