Daoust wins annual Beat the Geek contest on tiebreaker

The Alpena News’ annual Beat The Geek contest has seen its share of close finishes in recent years and the 2018-19 college football bowl campaign was no exception.

At the end of it all, Tom Daoust was the last person standing.

Daoust is the winner of this year’s Beat The Geek contest and one of only two participants to correctly pick 16 out of 20 games correctly. Daoust edged out Lisa Dziesinski for top honors due to the tiebreaker–the number of points scored in the national championship game.

The total number of points scored in Clemson’s title win over Alabama was 60 and Daoust guessed 52 points. Dziesinski was close behind with 49 points.

Both Dziesinski and Daoust correctly picked Clemson and Alabama to advance to the title game, but both of them picked Alabama to win the title.

The Geek went 12-8 this year, faring slightly worse than last year’s 13-7 campaign. Thank you to Arby’s of Alpena, Walmart of Alpena, Cliff Anschuetz Chevrolet and the Sand Bar & Grill for donating prizes to this year’s contest.

Those who picked 15 games correctly were and their tiebreaker guesses in parenthesis were: Mike Baumgardner (62), Scott Park (58), Daryl Peterson (48), Dave Karschnick (47), Kam Middleditch (47), Norm Alexander (73), Stephanie Idalski (78) and Dave Schneider II (80).

Those who picked 14 games correctly were: Katelynn Schneider, Molli Timms, Michael Tanner, Cecelia Burrow, Kyle Ghidoni, James Curutchet, Robert Spleet, Sr, Glen Gagnon, Gary Sharp, Jon LeBarre, Richard Bray, Edna May LeBarre, Tom Dutcher, Randy Idalski, Doug Hall, Tom Pelleran, Natalie Burns, John McMurray, James Adams, Melody Zelazny, Owen Kaiser and Bob LaBell.

Those who picked 13 games correctly were: Tyler Kollien, Kenneth Melville, Brian Golden, Mary Williams, Andrew Graham, Eric Granata, Jim Hiske, Jim Park, Carrie Schwartz, Kim Beaubien, Stephen Kauffman, Ken Williams, Karen Kindt, Ranae Standen, Cathleen Idalski, Mary E. Leavesley, Kelsey Donajkowski, Matthew Dziesinski, Bruce Ganske, Tom Adams, John Zawacki, Hal Butler, Betsy Smith, Derek B, Brent Birmingham, Vicki Birmingham, Russell Gibbs, Jenna Melville, Luke McMurray, Collin Gagnon, Tucker Bright, Doug Brown, Cory Lamp, Cindy Lamp, Lisa Melville, Greg Melville, Daniel Puls, Michelle Cho, Doris Puls, Eric Puls, Rachel Puls, Jeanne Nowaczewski and Terry Snider.

Those who tied the Geek with 12 correct picks were: Patti Witulski, Patrick T. Smylie, Mark W. Puls, Jim Golden, Joan Carr, Mike Carr, Pat Carr, Tim Carr, Rob Golding, Peter Ardini, Steve Voss, James R. Hiske, Mike Harkins, Ralph Weise, Colleen Carroll, John Parkinson, Barbara Vogt, Richard Boman, Brian Lessig, Arden V. Rensberry, Heather Fradette, Samantha Dziesinski, Connie Middleditch, Lisa Sharp, Jay Beaudoin, Bev LaLonde, David Stoppa, John Kruse, Steve Nohren, Joe Moran, Jack Birmingham, Dave Birmingham, Harold Wilson, Jeff Klassa, Sue Krafft, Jeremy Romel, Vincent Nowaczewski, Chris Wicklund, Beth Dodd, Chet Lamay, Kathy Gagnon, Emmett Burns, Barbara McDougall, Ted Nowaczewski, Tim Grulke, Cooper Bright, Bill Bright, Rick Adams, Cyndi Adams, Josh Robinson, Sam Kott, Ray Benac, Brenda Gauthier, Arlene Detloff, Mark Times, Ryan Dubey and Travis Kaiser.