Honoring a contributor


News Sports Writer

As an athletic and community contributor who gave back to help others, Dave Karschnick Sr. is thrilled to accept his place in the Alpena Sports Hall of Fame.

“I feel very good about it. It’s nice to go in with a few of my good friends. I have so many memories that I will cherish forever and this will be one of them. I thank the voters who elected me and feel it is a well deserved honors,” Karschnick said.

Karschnick will be inducted along with Bob Skuse, Dick Dennis and Bruce Mischley during the Hall of Fame’s annual banquet on May 7 at the APlex.

After moving to Alpena in 1961, Karschnick competed with the best and was always a threat to win as an outstanding golfer and bowler. As a golfer, he carried a single digit handicap winning numerous events, including the 1995 Michigan Amateur Senior Championship.

He was able to give back in a big way as Karschnick started the Alpena City Open and ran it for 40 years, along with being the only person to play in the event for 40 years.

“I have always been an avid golfer. I talked about getting the event started with a group of my friends and we designed a huge trophy for the event and it really has been quite a success. It was really enjoyable to run the event for 40 years and the nice thing was that it expanded over time and we were able to have several different divisions, along with a women’s league. It’s a real prestigious event and I am proud of it,” Karschnick said.

Golfing was not the only sport that Karschnick excelled at as he was one of the best bowlers in the area for many years. He is a member of the Alpena Bowling Hall of Fame and on the lanes he held the all-time high and all-events records for 20 years shooting 2011 in the City Championship. He holds the all-time doubles record of actual 1,514 with BJ Galloway; a score that was third highest score in the nation in 1991; Karschnick rolled a 786 with a 300 game which is the highest in Alpena.

During the 1991-92 season, Karschnick put together a big year. He rolled the highest series in Rogers City with a 778 score. He was a member of the all-time high team series with a 3,456. He shot 767 and his team shot the all-time high in Rogers City with a 3428.

Karschnick was a member of the City Championship team four times, won the doubles actual four times, along with the singles and all-events twice.

He was the first Alpena bowler to break the 750 barrier and first bowler to roll a 700 twice in the same year. Karschnick carried a 200 plus average for over 15 years in Rogers City and Alpena.

“The 91-92 year was big. It was a lot more difficult to bowl back then and there was only a handful of people that could carry a 200 average, where now it is more common,”Karschnick said.

Through all of his accomplishments and everything Karschnick achieved during his time as a standout, something more special sticks with him as the best moment of his career: when his son Dave Karschnick Jr. won the City Open and it is a memory that Karschnick Sr. will cherish forever.

“It was really a special moment when my son Dave Jr. won the City Open, because I was able to present him with the trophy. I have had plenty of highlights and special moments throughout my sports career, but that moment is without question one of the highlights of my entire life, it really was a special moment,” Karschnick said.

Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the Hall of Fame banquet can do so at The Alpena News or Jimmie Garant’s Party Store.