Will U.S. face the wrath of an angry God?

Dear Sirs/Madams:

Donald Trump, with the strong backing of evangelicals, has promised retribution once he is reelected.

The similarity between Israel’s Benjamin Netanyaho and USA’s Donald Trump becomes quite apparent. Two men intending retribution to win the next election by bringing down two of the world’s greatest democracies and staying out of jail.

What is the possible extent of retribution and how is it used?

Retribution, according to the Old Testament of the Bible: The omnipotent power to punish by the wrath of an angry God.

And who will it be used to punish?

Israel is a divided nation, half Jewish and half Palestinian, that was once considered a democracy. It has done away with its constitution and given a single man total power over its government. After more than 50 years of segregation and oppression, the wrath of God now moves against the Palestinians in Gaza. It has become an act of God just like an earthquake as the Palestinian population has no way of protecting itself from Israel’s mechanized army, killing more and more Palestinians in its battle with Hamas.

The United States is a divided nation, a minority of evangelicals and a majority of everyone else, that was once considered a democracy. It has recently done away with its constitution with its separation of church and state and the rule of law and established legal precedence in a plan to give a single man total power over its government. The wrath of God continues to move against freedom for all religions and everyone in the United States.

These actions will continue to occur here in the United States with Donald Trump’s reelection and his intended retribution.

In the end, will we ever even be remembered?



Presque Isle


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